This is where it begins

Welcome, fans! My name is Raquel Bouvy and I’m the producer of Sentient series.
Thanks for reading, thanks for joining us, and most of all thanks for being a fan. You are the foundation of Sentient. Without you, nothing is possible.

A little background on this blog-or my attempt at a blog, I should say. I’m a 23 year old graduate student (at Duquesne University) working for a tv/film/commercial production company called DeepCea Entertainment. I ultimately envision this as a place to communicate the goings on of my company and endeavors, but also to divulge my thoughts, feelings, and frustrations with this crazy world of entertainment.

DeepCea Entertainment is a small, young production company in Pittsburgh, PA-only founded in early 2014 by best friends and long time colleagues Mark Cross and Gary Taylor. I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Mark Cross during the summer of 2014-July, to be exact.
A chance encounter, Mark and I immediately connected over our love of all things film and television. As a graduate student and aspiring producer/director/film expert, I didn’t hesitate to accept an internship with DeepCea Entertainment. I believed in their mission to bring films to Pittsburgh and give Pittsburgh talent and crew a shot at doing something great. I applied myself, as I always do with things that I believe in, and I quickly advanced from intern to producer-a success story, tear jerker, surreal and unbelievable feel good drama if I’ve ever heard one. Between you and me, three months later, I still feel unbelievably lucky and often ask those around me to pinch me-because I just know that I’ve got to be dreaming. I work hard, I’m full of passion, and I’m intelligent but I’ve never believed in myself in the way that Mark and Gary have given me the strength to.

But I digress. In joining the team, I mostly believed in a little sci fi, medical drama that they were all dilligently working on. Hesitant, as I wasn’t a lover of science fiction myself, I pushed forward on the project because I could see the passion involved.

It didn’t take long for writers Mark Cross and Doug Jones to convert me. All it takes is one conversation with Doug to become a true Sentient lover. Those who know Doug see him as an outgoing and fun-loving guy. In having a conversation with him about Sentient, you see his whole world light up and it’s as if he’s a little boy again watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers for the first time. The glimmer in his eyes, the fervor in his voice, Doug brings Sentient to life one story arc at a time. You quickly learn that Sentient is a being of its’ own living in our little DeepCea world and that it is more complex and evolving than any one of us. This, among many other reasons, is why I committed myself so deeply to the project. Why I decided that failure was not an option. Why I knew that Sentient would one day be a network hit and that I wanted to be the one responsible for seeing to it.
Senient 3 posters-2
Sentient Character Poster

                Sentient Character Poster

There’s so much more to our story and there are so many other reasons as to why I believe so deeply in Sentient and DeepCea Entertainment. Why I KNOW we are going to be a success. This is our baby, our passion project, the one story above all others that we will never give up on. That’s ultimately the best feeling in the world to have. I feel so lucky everyday to be a part of something so promising and passionate.


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